Magic Hour

Hello to you all and especially those of you who are interested in art in all its forms.

I had a brainwave just a few days ago – well at least I thought I had – I have been dabbling with painting on and off recently, but have shown very little to very few people and I thought the way of doing so would be to exhibit here, online, a painting a day. After a bit of research, online, I discovered that loads of artists have been doing this for some time now – so it appears I am not an innovator of ideas! Anyway, as my artwork projects began long before painting and include textiles and design I thought I would share with you an artwork a day instead – but guess what – that has been done too! Unperturbed, I am going to do it anyway – well I shall certainly try! I hope to post an artwork a day for five days of the week – we all deserve the weekend off with the family and friends – and sometimes I hope to feature other artists work too; if they would like me to? And because I am passionate about art in all its forms I shall occasional pop up with some cultural chatter.

But for now a little about me, just until I get my about page up and running and then I’ll give you a whole load more! I am Diane Whalley and I have worked within the creative world ever since graduating in Graphic Design (BAhons) a few years ago. Much of my work has been from home so that I could play mum to my two energetic and wonderfully opinionated daughters who just so happen to look alright! We live just outside of Fowey in Cornwall (which is in the south west of England for those of you who may not have heard of this beautiful and ancient harbour) where the light is special and the surroundings scenic – a magnet for artists and me!

And that is enough for now other than to say that very soon there will be a gallery here of all my work and a link to my online shop.

picturesandpatisserie 007-004

Diane x