comfort-cakeSharing lovingly homemade cake under candle light … is hygge!

I have just come across the Danish word hygge pronounced hoo ga or hue-gah for which there appears to be no direct English translation – the closest interpretation is cosiness (a life of happiness and comfort with the ones we love) … having all home comforts … comforting food, drink by an open fire, warm glow of candlelight, fluffy throw, children’s laughter, a dog at your feet, desired art and cosy furnishings around you, shared moments with family and friends … treasured moments, having fun and living in the moment. In essence it means creating a pleasant and warm environment, enjoying the good things in life with good people around you. I’ll happily have some hygge!


A walk in the woods with the family … is hygge!


A lovely cuppa … is hygge!


Cake made from apples from the orchard in the garden … is hygge!


Sisters having fun … is hygge!

More on hygge coming soon … but for now I need to go and light the wood burner and eat cake, whilst curled up on the sofa with someone special!

Diane x