Diane Whalley is a self-taught contemporary abstract artist with a BAhons in graphic design. She paints intuitively from both personal reflections and the imagination, often using playful gestures which dance over the canvas bringing positivity, fun, joy and discussion.

Personal lived experiences including a move to Cornwall – where she presently has her studio – and travelling the Mediterranean by sailboat, have greatly influenced the artist and her process for painting. Starting with a thought, experience, memory or emotion, each piece emerges over days and sometimes weeks of layers and mark making guided by intuition and imagination, often resulting with vibrant visual narratives.

She began her journey with painting in 2016, but only full time at the end of 2019 when her work became more abstract and expressionistic. Following a successful London Show early 2020, demand for her work rapidly escalated from both art collectors and interior designers.


Wychwood Art Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, March 2020

Prince and Pilgrim Winter Show 2020

JP Art Consultancy Autumn online exhibition 2020, Winter exhibition 2020 and New Year exhibition 2021

Fowey Gallery guest artist April/May 2021

Eastwood Fine Art Summer Exhibition June 2021

Prince and Pilgrim small picture exhibition 2021

Morgans Falmouth Show No4 July/August 2021

Eastwood Fine Art Christmas Exhibition 2021

Wychwood Art Affordable Art Fair Battersea March 2022

Morgans Falmouth Show No1 March/April 2022

Fowey Gallery guest artist May 2022

Air Contemporary Affordable Art Fair Hampstead May 2022

Air Contemporary Henley Festival July 2022

Act One Scene One, Soho, London September 2022

Form Art Festival, Falmouth, Cornwall October 2022

Livingstone St.Ives New Colour Now exhibition, Clifton, Bristol October 2022

Air Contemporary Winter Exhibition, Chelsea, London November 2022

Morgans Show No.7 Falmouth November-January 2022

Affordable Art Fair with Wychwood Art March 2023

Art for Charity Collective (ACC) online auction March 2023

Morgans Show No.2 Falmouth April-June 2023

Air Contemporary AAF Hampstead Heath, London May 2023

 Diane is presently represented by Wychwood Art Gallery Oxfordshire, Air Contemporary London, Morgans Falmouth Cornwall and Livingstone St.Ives in Clifton Bristol and Cornwall. Her work can be found in private collections across the world including France, Southern Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa, America, Singapore, Columbia and throughout the UK.