Diane Whalley is a self-taught contemporary abstract artist, based in Cornwall. She creates, photographs and designs intuitively from both personal reflections and the imagination. 

After graduating with a BA (hons) degree in Graphic Design from Liverpool School of Art and Design, Diane began her career in media and public relations. It was several years later, after becoming a mother to two children, that she rediscovered her love for art and design. During these first few years, Diane enjoyed working with textiles – creating and selling quirky and colourful pictures. Sadly, not long afterwards, a loss in the family led Diane and her children to find a new home in the small Cornish seaside town of Fowey. The next few years, spent exploring both the beautiful Cornish coastline and the tiny islands of the Mediterranean, influenced a major transformation in Diane’s work. The vibrancy and eclecticity of these experiences inspired her to explore acrylic painting – an evolution characterised by contemplation, reflection, experimentation and expressionism. In 2016, Diane established her garden studio and contemporary gallery at her home on the outskirts of Fowey and continues to draw inspiration from the surrounding countryside and landscape.

Since beginning her journey with both multimedia and acrylic painting, Diane’s work has been exhibited in London, Kent, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Cornwall. During this time, she has taken part in:

Cornwall Open Studios Week, 2017

Penwith Society of Art Associate Members Summer Exhibition, 2018 and 2020

St Ives Society of Art Open Winter Exhibition, 2019

The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, March 2020

Prince and Pilgrim Winter Show 2020

JP Art Consultancy Autumn online exhibition 2020, Winter exhibition 2020 and New Year exhibition 2021

Fowey Gallery guest artist April/May 2021

Eastwood Fine Art Summer Exhibition June 2021

Prince and Pilgrim small picture exhibition 2021

Morgans Falmouth Show No4 July/August 2021

 As well as being represented by four galleries online, a few select pieces of Diane’s work are displayed at Wychwood Art Gallery, Oxfordshire, at Prince and Pilgrim, Richmond, London and Eastwood Fine Art, Hampshire and Morgans, Falmouth. Her work can now also be found in private collections in Paris, Dublin, Italy, Australia, South Africa, America and across the UK. 

“I start with a thought, an idea, an emotion or an image, and my work evolves and emerges in whichever medium I am exploring with – the result sometimes appearing completely by accident, but with an inner meaning. I have a love for fresh, pure colour and simple forms that communicate through a visual language. I hope to evoke the viewer’s creative mind and to create art which complements the settings in which they are displayed. I love both the simple and the unusual.’ – Diane, 2019